students equality and diversity

Aytun Vocational College London welcomes anyone who wants to study at our highly valued college and our aim is to create an environment that supports all no matter their age, nationality, colour, faith, religion, disability, marital status or circumstances. At Aytun Vocational College London, we have made a big commitment to the quality of service we provide to students over recent years and have developed a Student Charter, which outlines the standard of service you can expect from us, and the learning agreements you will be part of, on joining our wonderful College.

Adjustments For Our Disability Students

Aytun Vocational College London recognises that bringing about equality for our disabled students may mean changing the way in which we operate such as the removal of physical barriers and providing extra support for a disabled student. This is the duty to make reasonable adjustments for our disabled students. The duty to make reasonable adjustments aims to make sure that, as far as is reasonable, a disabled student has the same opportunities at Aytun Vocational College London as a non-disabled student.